Hardware Solutions

Reduce your arc flash hazard risk! See the Tech4 Arc Quencher™ System in action:

Tech4 proudly represents some of the most innovative leaders in the electrical and power system industries, including:

Arcteq Arc Flash Quenching Systems
  • ELIMINATES the need for all arc-rated PPE clothing.
  • Why “redirect” or “vent” when you can ELIMINATE?
  • The ultimate solution for mitigating arc flash hazards.
  • Minimizes damage to critical equipment assets.
  • Meets IEEE C37.20.7-2007 Arc Resistant Switchgear requirements.
  • Protects both switchgear and downstream assets such as MCCs.
  • Guaranteed low-voltage arc quenching in 6 milliseconds.
  • Guaranteed medium-voltage (up to 15 kV) arc quenching in 6 milliseconds.
  • Less than 1.2 calories per cm² incident energy at the Working Distance.
  • Available in both new and retrofit applications – UL Listed.
SPS Medium Voltage Switchgear
  • Low arc flash incident energy designs – Always below 1.2 calories per cm²!
  • Medium Voltage Switchgear and Outdoor Power Distribution Centers (PDCs).
  • Supporting Schneider Electric, ABB, Siemens, Eaton & GE components.
Square D Low Voltage Switchgear
  • Always guaranteed not to require arc-rated PPE clothing!
  • UL1558 (PZ-4) and UL891 (QED “I-Line”) Low Voltage Switchgear.
  • Integrated with Arc Quenchers and/or Current Limiting Protectors (CLiPs).
G&W Current Limiting Protectors (CLiPs)
  • Don’t replace your short-circuit overdutied equipment, CLiP it!
  • Lowers available fault current to a predetermined level in any electrical system.
  • The ideal solution for any short-circuit overdutied equipment.
  • Available for both low- or medium-voltage applications, up to 200 kA.
  • Instantaneous overcurrent response time of 350 microseconds.
  • Delivered with factory-guaranteed I²t let-through curves – UL Listed.
Premset Medium Voltage 2SIS Switchgear
  • The only ANSI-NEMA 2SIS (solid-shielded insulation system) switchgear!
  • Smallest footprint and lowest maintenance requirements.
  • Both arc resistant and shock hazard resistant.
  • Economical – costs no more than standard MV switchgear equipment.
MV Safestart
  • Safest ANSI-NEMA MV starter / MV-MCC solution available!
  • Built on the reliable, proven Toshiba “JK” starter platform.
  • Integrated Arc Quencher option available.
  • Isolated/enclosed load-break switch with a vacuum contactor.
IRISS Infrared Thermography
  • Inspecting the Uninspectable!
  • Both traditional crystal and non-hydroscopic IR windows.
  • Available in virtually any size and shape.
  • Meeting IEEE C37.20.2 Section a.3.6 Impact Standards.
  • UL508, UL508A, UL746C.
Superior Tray Cable Bus Solutions
  • Every system is custom!
  • Customizable Cable Duct and Cable Tray systems.
  • A safer, more economical alternative to traditional low-voltage busduct.
  • The lowest voltage drop.
  • Extremely compact.
  • Rapid installation.