Manufacturing Products

Strengthen your plant’s infrastructure with Tech4’s products including Control Panel Assembly, Component Sales, and Turnkey Solutions. Increase efficiency with a custom designed control panel or secure your plant’s operations with modern parts and support from our component sales department.


We enjoy everything we do but we especially love doing the turnkey solution. It’s a creative paradise where we’re able to give our imaginations free reign over the process and we’re able to provide many exciting and unprecedented process advances for our clients. We love starting from scratch with nothing but our clients’ raw idea, and our brainpower at hand. Our engineers brainstorm, throw out ideas, drink coffee, brainstorm some more, drink more coffee, and a few pots later, we’re on a roll. Soon the idea takes shape and our clients are there sharing their ideas while the process moves from mere idea to a working reality.


It’s a lot of fun and it sets us apart. We can do everything, and our clients know what they can expect and that they can get quality results at a fair price. We’re very competitive that way, it must be our Midwestern work ethic.

Turnkey Solutions

For a complete hands-free solution, our turnkey package is a valuable resource. We excel at all parts of the process, yet prime efficiency lies in having the entire process being designed from one perspective.


We are happy to work on whatever part of the process you need, but we especially enjoy the challenges and opportunities of designing a turnkey solution. Our turnkey solutions include the following services:


  • CAD & Technical Drawing
  • Programming
  • Control System Engineering & Fabrication
  • Control Panel Assembly
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Field Service
  • Training Support
Control Panel Assembly

We specifically design and assemble control panels based on our clients’ needs and input. In our fully-equipped and modern facility, our highly skilled electronic technicians design and build control panels all day, every day. In our turnkey solution, our control panel assembly fits seamlessly into the application where we can ensure that everything works easily together as it should. If you have an existing panel design, you’ll be pleased to know that we also build-to-drawing. We take great pride in our workmanship, and the Tech4 quality is always evident in our clean and easily-accessible wiring, routing, and organized labeling.


Panel Assembly Features Include:

  • Graphical Display Systems
  • Explosion Proof Panels
  • Retrofits
  • Upgrades
  • HMI Panels
  • PLC Panels
  • Hardware Panels
  • NEMA Enclosures
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Engineering Guidance
Component Parts

When you need a specific part, Tech4’s engineers can help you identify and locate the part(s) you need to accomplish your objectives. Once we find a part to suit your needs, we will make drawings to show your operators how to implement it into your process.


We maintain good relationships with many vendors and are proud to offer parts at a good cost advantage to you. After you receive the part, we provide telephone support on the part(s) and documents we designed. For continuing support on all of our services, we offer service contracts so our clients can always utilize Tech4’s innovative solutions.