Field Service

We require that all of our field service engineers have design engineering experience.  This assures that they understand the machinery from a design perspective.  More effective than a general technician, they have deeply worked with a wide range of industries from conversion to material handling, and they have the experience to quickly troubleshoot on the job.  We understand both the theoretical and practical perspectives of what needs to be done, why and how it was designed, and what solution is best, right there on the spot.  If you need immediate assistance, we will troubleshoot the problem over the phone.


Installation can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  Tech4 engineers understand all the specific pieces of equipment, and we work with the electrical contractor to show what needs to be connected and how.  Making all the puzzle pieces work together requires greater knowledge and higher training of the pieces and how they’re supposed to operate.   Our engineers have the experience and knowledge to efficiently guide your electricians through the installation process and set up and test the automation links to ensure that the whole process goes smoothly.


Commissioning a refinery can be a long and painful process full of unforeseen obstacles.  But sometimes it can also be smooth and on-time.  At Tech4, our commissioning service is renowned for professional and timely startups.  We use only design engineers for commissioning because their specialized knowledge of the theory and instrumentation behind the process greatly helps them shorten the time from initiating the process to starting the machinery.  Our engineers go on site, prioritize the tasks, scout out potential issues and prepare solutions should they arise, and manage the project to ensure that every step is properly completed, in the correct order, and on time.


Every turnaround is an opportunity to better the refining process.  Change instrumentation, add equipment, add control features and safety devices, or change steps in the process.  Something can always be done to improve efficiency and add capabilities.  Tech4’s qualified and dependable engineers can help make the most of routine downtime.  If you have an idea of how to better the process, we excel when we can create a custom solution for it and find the right equipment to make it happen.  We have a strong Midwest work ethic, and we deeply care about what we do.  Our clients greatly appreciate the energy and passion we bring to every turnaround because it can make all the difference.  We are committed to performing an expert job on-time, and our honed procedural advantages are a great asset to a successful turnaround.

Site Evaluation

Tech4 specializes in designing and engineering control systems and providing field service directly to refineries. Our strong relationship with several rotating equipment manufacturers has earned us invitations to work on many projects, both large and small, worldwide. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and readiness to quickly meet a need and minimize downtime. Our specific application experience gives us the ability to provide higher reliable service in designing and implementing custom control systems for refineries to maximize their resources and invigorate their infrastructure.

Instrument Calibration

During installation or starting the machinery, it’s important to perform an instrument calibration.  Tech4 works in tandem with your plant technicians to verify that the instruments are properly installed and that the information being sent to the devices is arriving as it should.  Our instrumentation level technician instructs your applications technician what the ranges and scales are.  One of our design engineers also goes onsite to oversee the calibration to ensure that everything is working fine and that the application data is arriving as it should.