About Us

Great Service, It’s About Time.

We automate industrial machinery, all day, every day. We know how to design it so that it will work. We have worked with hundreds of components, evolutions of software, and a variety of mutating networks. We discard the ineffective and apply the effective. We have only one objective: to make it work the way you intended.

You will innovate: progress demands it. Your competitors will: you must. It will probably include automation, and you will need savvy specialists for that.

This industry is cyclical; we all know it. We build up workforces, and then we lay them off. History repeats itself over and over again. But it takes a while to get a stopped train up to speed. One way to avoid the re-recruiting of talent, the re-education of staff, and the redundancy of overcoming inertia is to employ Tech4 as your automation solution provider. We aren’t consultants; we are “hands on” solution providers.

You can depend on us to produce as a loyal employee would produce. The Tech4 advantage becomes immediately apparent when the machine is performing as intended. Turn the light off and Tech4 is off the clock and off the payroll. When you need a custom solution, turn the light on and give us a call.

Experience guides us but does not pigeonhole us. We are an open-minded organization constantly gathering input. We take extraordinary measures to breathe life into your project by your due date. Meeting expectations and building relationships are our goals in servicing you.

Our Philosophy

When Tech4 became a reality, we wanted to create a more balanced approach to work. To always remember what we wanted to accomplish, we created a philosophy that guides everything we do and influences how we treat each of our clients. We called it A Greater Design.

Our Greater Design is anchored by eight tenets:

  1. Create an organization with the courage to adapt to change.
  2. Recruit and retain specialists in industrial automation.
  3. Eliminate distributor and manufacturer bias; design solutions with the appropriate components.
  4. Work for the customer with unwavering loyalty.
  5. Put people first; people provide service, not companies.
  6. Encourage creativity; ideas will not be bridled.
  7. Prosperity should benefit its contributors.
  8. Rewarding relationships is not just a customer objective strategy.

The Greater Design is our constitution and it’s how we ensure rewarding relationships for our team, our customers, and our community.

Our History

On July 8th, 1997, five guys left comfortable jobs to start a new company. They wanted to do something different… they wanted to love what they do. They started talking about what they wanted a company to be and what they didn’t want it to be. After hours of brainstorming, their results could be labeled a mission statement or business strategy. The fact is, it was all of those things but bigger. We called it “A Greater Design,” and it guides how we treat others and how we operate our business.

We dream big; we want to be so good at what we do that Tech4 is the first resource manufacturers call when they need a job done. Since then, the road has been hard but very exciting and rewarding. Every day we work hard to keep that dream alive.

Our Assets

One of our chief strengths is that we meet all our clients’ needs under one roof. We bring additional technology, talent, and ideas to a project that you may not have in-house.

Whenever you need us, we’re available and flexible to be plugged into a process and unplugged when the job is done. Like flipping a switch, turn on the light and we’re a resource you can use, turn it off and the expense is gone. Whether you need something simple or complex, Tech4 will help you reach your goal.