Power System Solutions

Delivering the Safest, Most Reliable Power Systems.

Our experienced engineers are familiar with a range of manufacturing industries and applications and will customize a power system solution to fit YOUR needs using our reputable and tested suppliers.

Create your dream power system environment and let us help you engineer it for your facility!

Hardware Solutions

Tech4 works with a variety of hardware suppliers to ensure we have the most innovative equipment available to customize your power system to meet your safety and production needs. We only recommend parts we know and have used. Once we find a part to suit your needs, we will make drawings to show your operators how to implement it into your process.


Electrical Risk Management

We can help your EHS or Maintenance Departments with your corporate electrical risk management by performing any of our electrical safety assessments.

Engineering Services

Let our team of electrical engineers assist you or take the lead in designing your dream power system. At Tech4, we’re committed to providing our clients with solutions that work best with their processes. We will visit your facility, review your process and equipment, then work with your process engineers and operators to draft a custom power solution.